Why should you join Giracoin ?


- Gira Financial Group AG operates from an absolutely safe and neutral country, Switzerland. The company’s Headquarters is located in Oberwil (Canton Baselland)

- GIRACOIN has been developed by swiss entrepreneurs.

- GIRACOIN has been approved by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority)

- GIRACOIN has been approved by the SRO (Self-regulatory Organization)

- GIRACOIN has his bank account at Credit Suisse

- GIRACOIN has an own mining platform that produces the coins for you

- Hardware in the house, can be visited.

- All transitions are checked

- A young and dynamic team with a great vision

- Uncomplicated and fast advice

- Payments via mobile app

- no transaction fees, fast transfer

- favourable entry price, great value increase potential, analogous to Bitcoin

- Number of coins limited to 21 billion

- Direct marketing concept, you can join and build a group of independent brokers.

- no special skills needed

- very good earning potential when recruiting new members

- Already a high acceptance worldwide

- complete transparency and security

- Software based on security coding SHA256


giracoin.com ?

What is a blockchain (Data base) ?

What is cryptocurrency ?

What is a bitcoin ?

What means MLM ?

What means mining ?

All about Bitcoin



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- transparent and publicly accessible blockchain (database), thus forgery and manipulation are excluded

- You can buy packages already from 50 €, but you can enter without a package, enrol new members and earn a direct bonus of 10% of the TA (trading amount) volume.
  You will also receive this bonus without your own package, which means that the participation is completely free of charge for you.

- There are three other bonus types: Level Bonus, Partner Bonus and Gira World Pool Bonus (see also the detailed explanation in the brochure)
- Level Bonus: You can earn a maximum of 21 levels of the sales of your Team-partner depending on the package you purchased.
- Partner Bonus: For the partner bonus (up to 20%) you qualify by the amount of the total Trading Amount volume of your team
- Bonus of the Gira World Pool: Based on your career level you are on the global sales of all teams

- the bonus you receive is divided into 60% in the cash account and 40% in the trading account. The money in the cash account is freely available and can be freely
  transferred to your bank account at any time

- With the GIRAPAY app on your smartphone, you will be able to make payments directly on the spot

- GIRABUY: here you will find businesses (shops, hotels, restaurant ...) which accept GIRACOIN. A crypto currency is only useful if it is usable. It is the market place
  which connects dealers and users

- GIRAEXCHANGE allows users to trade the coin with each other and thus exchange against various other coins and currencies

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